Chasing Summer, Brah

Trischa - Tuesday November 11, 2014

Ok-This is super delayed, but in my defense...I was busy flipping a car....more on that in another post. 

Last we left you, we were leaving Yosemite. From there we went to LA to visit Jen and Paul. I had no idea what to expect from LA. I had never been and all I know from LA, I learned from Keeping up with the Kardashians...everyone drives Mercedes, gets botox, and has at least one fake (fill in the blank). When we arrived they asked us if we wanted to do anything "LA" and our answer was simple: good food, please. They hella delivered and we are still talking about the food we ate. Bibimbap, dumplings, cupcake ATM's and diner goodness. In addition to eating, we danced at Booty LA, used Uber for the first time and watched enough Office episodes to make me wish once again that I was Pam. And Chris was Jim. Thinking back I can't believe we accomplished so much in less than 48 hours. I would insert a picture of LA here, but we didn't take ANY!!! Trust me when I say we had a really good time.

From there we went to Baja. A little back story: nine years ago, Chris and I had just started dating and I was seriously trying to make an impression, so I quit my job and agreed to bike the Baja Peninsula with him (sounds totally reasonable and does not scream "PLEASE LIKE ME, PLEASE" at all). The farthest we got was 75 miles south of the border in a village called Punta Banda. It was pretty, safe and far enough away that we had little culture shock. We had such fond memories of this place that we added it to our destinations for this trip. Although the beach was as beautiful as we remembered, the village was different. After talking to locals, we learned that about 8 years ago, tourism tanked amid the fear of drug related gang violence. There were still a few tamale stands and nice camp spots, but it is a pretty sleepy place now.

Dinner on the beach

 View of Ensenada from the beach

After a week in Punta Banda, we decided to move on to San Felipe. San Felipe is a bay town on the Sea of Cortez. Chris had read about the blue seas and calm waters. Also, we had heard about double decker camp structures we could rent and they were as awesome as we imaged. The only catch? When you choose a camp where you can watch the sunset and listen to the waves, that means you also wake up as soon as the sun rises and promptly begin to roast in the rays. Luckily we found another camp site that was close to the beach, but under some shade trees. Our camp-site also had beach palapas that provided shade and the wind cooled the air by the beach. It was seriously awesome. I have never been a person to take beach vacations. If I am taking time off work it's going to be to do something...go to Machu Pichu, experience the wonders of Thailand (aka sweat profusely while attempting to find food that doesn't make my lips burn off), watch 26 episodes of Scandal ...ya something. Little did I know, doing nothing on a beach is AWESOME! Why has no one told me about this?! Reading, sun bathing, eating fish tacos, reading some more...take me back. For the love of everything holy in this universe, take me back to the beach.

San Felipe sunrise...almost no editing here, it was this vibrant. Most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

Camp spot the first night!


My view or minus 300 dolphins

San Felipe is a fishing village through and the through. The most fun part of the day was watching the boats go out in the morning and come in at 5

During our stay in San Felipe, we saw one of the most amazing things I have ever seen with my own eye balls. We were playing cards on the beach and several people around us were pointing and looking at the water, when we turned around we saw hundreds of dolphins feeding in the bay. Literally hundreds!!! My guess is 300 or more. They were jumping and playing and overall having a blast right in front of us for more than 20 minutes. There were so many and I was jumping up and down on the shore and I was so excited, I didn't even get a good picture. BOOOOOO. Good news is that I will always have a mental image of it.

See what I did there? Full circle y'all.

One of the days in San Felipe, we went to the Valley of the Giants. A field of giant cacti that were pretty much awesome and made us feel like we were tiny people in some other world movie set.

See? Chris looks even more like a hobbit than usual.

After Baja? Some family time in Flagstaff, Arizona and the beautiful parks of Southern Utah. Stay tuned. 

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