The Great White North, eh?

Chris - Monday September 15, 2014

Banff and Jasper- Banff and Jasper are two sister nation parks in the Canadian Rockies.  Like Glacier in Montana the lakes are an amazing turqiuoes.  We experience our first snow fall on a hike and from our campsite a glacier looms over head in the mountains.  

Each camp ground has a tiny cabin with a wood stove, and there we met an group of British soldiers who were hanging clothes to dry and heating up MREs.  They were there for training and the day before had been lowered down in to a glacial crevasse and had to ice-pick back out. 

Also, everywhere we go we see these air-brushed vans:

Apparently there's a company,, that rents these out. They are very popular in Canada.

Also, I finally took the camera out at sunrise, here are some pics.  The past two weeks when been in Vancouver and Seattle (more on that soon), now its back to the woods, in Olympic National Park.


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