Pit Stops and Side Trips

Trischa - Wednesday April 29, 2015

After hiking Torres Del Paine, most people head north to El Calafate and El Chalten and I was no different. After leaving Chris in Torres, I caught up on The Bachelor (priorities) and then headed to see one of the largest glaciers in Patagonia: Perito Mereno Glacier. The terminus (or snout) of the glacier is 3 miles wide and rises an average of 240 feet above the water level (a total ice depth of 558 ft). The sight of the glacier was awesome, but more impressive was the amazing thunder sound made by the clashing ice while I was there. 

After the glacier and seeing pink flamingos for the first time (they were really for away and I didn't have my glasses, but the German girl I was with said they  were there, so they were, OK?), I headed to El Chalten where I would meet up with Chris. El Chalten was another stop on the trip we were really looking forward to. It's called the hiking capital of Argentina. There are amazing opportunities to hike in this picturesque town that has no stop lights and runs on one diesel powered generator. But when we arrived it seemed our good weather luck had run out. Everyday was rainy and cloudy and we couldn't see a thing. The one day we did hike, we got soaked and enjoyed this view:

It was supposed to look like this:  (Photo Cred)

We were feeling a little discouraged and unsure about our next step when we got an email from our friends Tori and Rich saying that they had discovered an easyish way to get to some marble caves in Chile. I had read about the marble caves before our trip started, but I was convinced it was too hard to get there. Turns out the way Rich and Tori learned about happened to be on our way to our next stop!!! SOLD. We got on the bus the a couple of days later and headed there...it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be and was a bit more expensive, but it was worth it! 

I think we all look uber cool driving the boat, but Rich, with his Captain Morgan stance, is clearly the most awesomest at it.

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