Glaciers, lakes, bears, chipmunks and screaming parents

Chris - Tuesday September 9, 2014

Glacier Park - Grinnell Lake is the most strenuous hike so far. 11 miles round trip, climbing over 2000 feet along a series of switchbacks on the edge of a mountain, the mid day sun is high and beats down hot on our backs.  At last we come over the ridge to the Grinnell lake, with huge chunks of ice the the glacier above floating in its surreal blue waters. Its so quiet...except for the father screaming at his son. "Will, look at daddy! Will, LOOK at daddy!"

Earlier on the way up we were passed by the REI poster family.  Fit young parents hiking along with the five year old out in front and a toddler strapped to dad's back.  It feels great when you're sitting on a boulder, out of breathe, wondering if there's a way to roll back down the hill, when some kid flies by you on legs less than a foot long. Each time we meet these families the parents go out of there way to tell us what good hikers their kids are, no doubt in response to the look I'm giving them, questioning their sanity.  "McKinsey LOVES hiking", "Cody wanted going to do the 15 mile loop, but he had rock climbing this morning and I only packed one diaper....CODY, pick it up!"

Now these parents are up at the top directing the post hike photo shoot.  "Stand right there, but look back at daddy and look contemplative.  Do your brave explorer face and put your arm around your brother...Will, you are ruining the picture."

Besides the over achieving parents, Glacier is as great as everyone says, we saw black bears, grizzlies, mountain goats, icebergs, waterfalls, etc.  At this point in the trip though, I've run out of adjectives for majestic scenery, so here are some photos.

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