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Trischa - Monday September 29, 2014

Where have we been the last few weeks? Here.

During our stay in Jasper, we got the heartbreaking news that we had to say goodbye to our sweet kitty Zoe. This paired with the cold and the rain led us to the decision that it was time to take a break from the road trip as we knew it and spend some time indoors. We decided that we would call Vancouver home for a week. Sadly, I don't have any pictures...we used the time to recover, get some rest and pretty much play house.

All the amazing things you have heard about Vancouver are totally true. The weather was perfect, the city is beautiful...green everywhere and the people are the nicest ever. The one thing that blew my mind was that EVERYONE said thank you to the bus drivers when they got off the bus. In my year living in Chicago and in the many times I have visited New York, I have seen a handful of people thank bus drivers, but it is certainly not the norm. This may not seem like a big deal, but it made my day every time a group of 5-10 people got off and each thanked the driver. It was like a wave of happiness rolling over the bus. I heart Vancouver and if it were not for the cost of living (and alcohol), you might find me job hunting there.

From Vancouver, we went on to Seattle. We were lucky enough to stay with our new friends Susan and Joe. We met Susan a few months back when she came to visit her son (our friend), Robin. When she heard about our trip, she invited us to stay with her in Seattle and later in California. We took her up on the offer and I am so glad we did! Susan and Joe basically spent their entire weekend showing us the city...from the Ballard Locks to the Seattle Farmers Market to yummy ice cream while taking in the view from Queen Ann. We were grateful beyond words to have fun locals to show us the city. And Joe took the obligatory "us with the space needle and Mount Rainier" shot for us :) This is a totally real picture...the sky was so clear we could see the mountain so well! Seattle is a beautiful city.

Views from Susan's and Joe's place in Seattle. I want.

After Seattle we headed to the Olympic Peninsula: rain forest, snow capped mountains, and the coast. Yes, please. 

Then to see Joel in Portland!! We ate some amazing food, saw some great comedy and overall had a great time. We ended our Portland adventure with a hike at Eagle Creek...they should call Portland the land of the waterfalls. They probably do. Do they? They do and you are laughing at me now, right? Because I didn't know that.

Punch Bowl Falls

LOOK! Someone knew Chris was coming and carved his name in a tree! 

I had to incluce this picture because it was a total Trischa moment. I put my hand up to block the sun from us and instead totally blocked Joel's face. HAHAHAH! Then Chris decided it would be easier to move to the shade. He's got the brains.

Ok-now after a restful stay in Susan and Joe's place in California (collecting scenic views seems to be a hobby of Susan's) we are headed to Yosemite!!! Neither of us have been and I am stoked. Here is another beautiful view, courtesy of Susan and the coast of course.

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